• 48V 150ah Lithiumbattery Solar Storage Battery
  • 48V 150ah Lithiumbattery Solar Storage Battery
  • 48V 150ah Lithiumbattery Solar Storage Battery
  • 48V 150ah Lithiumbattery Solar Storage Battery
  • 48V 150ah Lithiumbattery Solar Storage Battery
  • 48V 150ah Lithiumbattery Solar Storage Battery

48V 150ah Lithiumbattery Solar Storage Battery

Type: Li-ion Battery
Cathode Material: LFP
Rechargeable: Yes
Size: Medium
Shape: Prismatic Cell
Usage: Energy Storage
US$ 1200/Piece 1 Piece(Min.Order)
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Rated Voltage
Rated Capacity
Cycle Life
4000 Cycles at 80% Dod
RS485, RS232, Can
Charge Capability
Very Fast Charge Capability up to 0.5c
Low Self Discharge
<1% Per Month at 20 Degrees
Design Life
12 Years
Intelligent Integrated Battery Manager System
CE, IEC, Un38.3
No Explosion, Non Flammable
Maintenance Free
Maintenance Free Throughout Life Time
Transport Package
Sunstone Power
HS Code
Production Capacity
5, 000, 000 Piece / Month

Product Description

Product Overview

SLPO series is LiFePo4 ( Lithium iron phosphate) battery pack for communications standby application .The battery pack adopts the advanced LiFePO4 battery technology with the advantages of long cycle life ,small size ,lightweight ,safety and environment protection ,and also has a strong environmental adaptability. It is ideal for harsh outdoor environmens .
The battery pack integrates a smart battery management and monitoring module, support for remote centralized  monitoring and remote battery management and maintenance , to satisfy the demands of unattended. Therefore ,the SLPO series can fully meet the backup power supply requirements of the access network equipment,mobile communication equiment,transmission equipment ,micro base station , and microwave communication equipment.

Product Specification
Model SLPO48-150 ( 48V 150AH Lithium battery )
Capacity(0.5c) 150ah
Related Voltage 3.2v
Weight  65kg 
Battery Material LiFepo4
BMS Cycle Life 4000 times @ 0.5C,80% Capacity @25ºC

1. Super long cycle life
Over 4000 cycle @ 80%DOD @ 25°C can be circularly used.

2. Intelligent Integrated Battery Manage System(BMS) 
Built-in BMS automatically protects internal cells from over-charge, over-discharge, over-temperature, short-circuit, etc. Ensure battery safety and reliability. Equalize and balance each cell. Prolong battery life. SOC-DOD-SOH reporting/setting device events, battery parameters, and storage, intelligent monitor, remote measure, remote communication, remote control.

BMS Protection function of :
1)Over and under-voltage protection of the entire pack and single-cell.
2) Charge and discharge over current protection.
3)Charge and discharge over or under temperature protection.
4)Short circuit protection.
5)Charge reverse polarity protection.

3. Communication port 
Many different communication interfaces including 3 of dry contacts, RS232 and RS485, which can meet requirement of several packages to connect in parallel.

4. Fast charge capability : Very fast charging capability up to 100A. 

5.Low self discharge :  <1% per month @ 20°C.

6.Long Life : 12 years design life @ 40°C.

7.Completely maintenance-free: Completely Maintenance-free throughout battery lifetime saves OPEX for the users.

8.LCD status and alarm indication

9.In compliance with standard :UN38.3, CE, IEC. 

10.High safety & stable performance :  No explosion and no fire under collision. No risk of leakage. 

11.Green environmental material 
Eco-friendly and nonpolluting, no acids or no hazardous and noxious substances (including lead, cadmium, mercury). 

Detailed Photos

48V 150ah Lithiumbattery Solar Storage Battery48V 150ah Lithiumbattery Solar Storage Battery48V 150ah Lithiumbattery Solar Storage Battery

48V 150ah Lithiumbattery Solar Storage Battery48V 150ah Lithiumbattery Solar Storage Battery

48V 150ah Lithiumbattery Solar Storage Battery48V 150ah Lithiumbattery Solar Storage Battery48V 150ah Lithiumbattery Solar Storage Battery48V 150ah Lithiumbattery Solar Storage Battery48V 150ah Lithiumbattery Solar Storage Battery 
Company Profile

Sunstone Power Co.Ltd. was established in 2003 in manufacturing, marketing, and brand name building of lead-acid batteries/battery plates.

Our factories (both plates factory & assembling factory) locate in Kunming City, Yunnan P.R. China. Since Yunnan P.R. is one of the main lead supply

areas, we have good advantages in quality control, delivery control, and cost control. So far we are the only factory that gets pollution control

permission from the government in Yunnan P.R.

Besides this, we set up our German company in Frankfurt in 2017 and an Indonesian company in Jakarta at the end of 2018.

We have our warehouse in both these two countries. It gives fast delivery and stock support to European and Southeast Asian markets.

48V 150ah Lithiumbattery Solar Storage Battery48V 150ah Lithiumbattery Solar Storage Battery

Partners :
48V 150ah Lithiumbattery Solar Storage Battery


48V 150ah Lithiumbattery Solar Storage Battery

Sunstone Power has been ISO9001, ISO14001 approved and soon on,m any of our products obtained CE, IEC ,VDS,RISTI(BY PT. TELKOM INDONESIA) certificates.

1. Pay through T/T, western union, PayPal…
2. Price term: FOB Shenzhen port, CFR, CIF.
3. The customer is responsible for any tax or bank charges by their countries.

Packaging & Shipping
1. By sea, by air shipping, by car or train, other good shipping ways also welcomed.
2. We will send products in 30- 35 days after the bank receipt.
3. A tracking number and photos of products will send by email after arrange shipped.


Daily maintenance of battery pack
1. Check the voltage data on the BMS display and the actual battery voltage value to ensure the accuracy of the voltage collection of the BMS.
f they are inconsistent, proofreading is required. The error between the collected voltage and the actual battery voltage does not exceed 10mV.
2. Check the temperature collection data and actual temperature value of the BMS, and the data the error between the collected data and the actual temperature value is not allowed to exceed 3°C, to ensure that the battery will not be charged or discharged when the temperature is too high or too 
3. Check the BMS current collected data and actual current value, the error is not allowed to exceed 1%, to ensure that the battery will not be charged or discharged by overcurrent.
4. Check the reliability of the charging equipment to ensure that the charging equipment performs charging according to the voltage and current regulations by the BMS, to ensure that the battery will not be overcharged.
5. Check the connection of the battery pack is good, the contact points are in normal contact, and there is no accumulation of dust, powder, metal chips.

1. Children are not allowed to use the batteries.    
2. It is forbidden to disassemble the battery.    
3. Keep batteries or battery packs away from dangerous items or materials, such as corrosive chemicals, dangerous machinery and equipment, and high-temperature environments.    
4. Unreasonable use of these products may cause smoke, such as external short circuits, overcharging, and high ambient temperature. If smoke occurs, please cut off the power in time, use a carbon dioxide or dry powder fire extinguisher for treatment, and bury it with sand or mud. The crowd must be evacuated in time during the entire process.    
5. Unreasonable use of this series of products may cause the single battery to swell. In severe cases, it may cause the casing to rupture or crack. In these conditions, the battery should be stopped immediately. Please contact our technical department or after-sales service department for further solutions.    
6. It is forbidden to short circuit the positive and negative terminal of the battery directly, and avoid any metal or other conductive objects contacting the positive and negative terminal of the battery.  This operation may cause personal injury or property damage.    
7. It is forbidden to immerse the battery in water or other conductive liquids. This operation may cause personal injury or property damage.    
8. It is forbidden to use this product in series or parallel with other types of batteries. It is also forbidden to connect the whole system in series or parallel operation with other batteries. These operations may cause personal injury or property loss. If necessary, please contact the relevant technical department to obtain the correct technical support.    
9. It is forbidden to get wet in an environment of more than 95%RH, even immerse in water.     
Otherwise, it may cause internal short circuits, loss of function, or abnormal chemical reactions, and cause fire, smoke, explosion, and other accidents.    
10. It is forbidden to put the battery system on fire or to be exposed to a high-temperature environment exceeding the temperature conditions specified in this specification for a long time. These environments above the safe temperature range will cause a significant decrease in the performance and life of this product, and even cause serious consequences such as combustion and explosion.    
11. It is forbidden to store and use in an environment with high static electricity or high electromagnetic radiation. Otherwise, the electronic devices in this product will be damaged, which may cause potential safety hazards.    
12. Connect the positive and negative terminal of the battery system strictly by the instructions, and reverse charging is prohibited.    
13. When the electrolyte leaks, avoid contacting the electrolyte with skin and eyes. In case of contact, wash the area with plenty of water and seek medical assistance. It is forbidden for any person or animal to swallow any part of the battery system or the substance contained in the battery system.    
14. Protect the battery system as much as possible to avoid mechanical vibration, collision, and pressure shock, otherwise, the battery system may short circuit, resulting in high temperature and fire. 


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